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Nemanja Zivlak: Priest’s wife (Popadija)

Dara, a strong and proud woman from Lika, was not afraid of a wolf or a hajduk.
Nikola J. Bogunović


At the beginning of the Second World War, the parish priest of Donjolapac was priest Nikola J. Bogunović.

He was born on January 3, 1908 in Zrmanja near Gračac.

A humble, calm, quiet and God-pleasing priest who lived with his wife Dara and their sons Pavlo (Pajo) and Đorđe (Đokica).

Each war brings great evil because it is a great evil in itself.

At the beginning of May 1941, an absolute evil will knock on Father Nikola’s door, evil in black uniforms. After just one month, he was taken first to Gospić and then to Velebit, where he was thrown into one of the Velebit pits with a large number of his parishioners.

But it doesn’t end there. Not for Dara. A staunch and proud woman from Lika, whom contemporaries say was not afraid of a wolf or a hajduk.

There is no end for her!

Realizing very quickly what happened to the head of her family, and that she will never see him alive again, she saves what must be saved. In the middle of June, the Ustashas come in front of the church in Donji Lapac, but two Ustashas are shot down by brave Dara at the gate. Shotgun, of course!

After a few days they return to finish what they started, this time better armed and in greater numbers.

However, they do not find Dara or her sons in the house. Dara had already set off for Bosnia to find salvation in the Bogunović brotherhood, which at that time was one of the most visible and numerous in Tromeđa.

In the village of Boričevac, the Ustashas broke up their escape and after catching Dara with the child, along with twenty other villagers, threw them all into a pit above the village.

One of the surviving martyrs of that tragedy testified that until she jumped into the pit, Dara mentioned the name Branino (Brane Bogunović, author’s note), cursed her enemies and fate for not having a weapon with her.

Dara is not the only wife who shared the fate of her husband and who suffered only because she was a wife of a Priest!

Wife of a Priest was also the mother of the greatest among the greatest and the smartest among the smartest – Nikola Tesla!

Therefore, this (!) that was recorded and is being broadcast, the Popadia series , should not be watched, but the authors and those who contributed to it in any way should be anathematized, denounced and exposed to general scorn and shame.

Aside from the fact that they are someone’s sisters, mothers, daughters…

But the on-duty defenders of women’s rights will not remember to raise their voice against the scorn to which the one who received communion last – Popadia – was subjected through an unreasonable misdeed!

Source: Nemanja Zivlak Facebook page

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