Od 24. Juna 1941, Dana sjećanja na Jadovno, prošlo je:


Teče 80-ta godina od početka Pokolja, genocida počinjenog nad srpskim narodom od strane NDH. Osamdeset godina od tragedije na Velebitu, ličkom polju, ostrvu Pagu.


  • Barry Lituchy: We hope that comments expressed by Dragoslav Ilić, a historian employed by the governmental institution, do not reflect the views of the Government of the Republika Srpska

    20. juna 2020.

    Criticism of the establishment of the New York City Monument to the victims of Jadovno and Pag is completely unjustifiable, especially considering that there no comparable monument to the victims of these killing sites exist in either Republika Srpska or […]

  • Ante Pavelic's tomb on San Isidro cemetery in Madrid. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Strakhov

    Spanish Law May Mean Moving Croatian Fascist Tombs

    25. jula 2018.

    Srpski If Spain adopts a new historical memory law, the tombs of Croatia’s World War II Fascist leaders Ante Pavelic and Vjekoslav Maks Luburic may have to move to less prominent sites, or back to their native Bosnia. If Spain’s […]

  • Mass grave of Serbs and Jews from 1941 found on the island of Pag

    31. oktobra 2017.

    Deutsch / Srpski A two-day expedition was organized recently by the Association “Jadovno 1941” from Banja Luka with the aim to locate the site on the island of Page where the Ustashas, soldiers of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), […]

  • Dr Dušan J. Bastašić fotografija: Frontal.SRB/DHS


    26. avgusta 2017.

    Ćirilica Head of the Association Jadovno 1941 Dusan Bastasic asserts that the new Croatian state is thoroughly and ardently working to reinterpret the history of the Serbs and Croats in the 20th century, focusing on the period of the Independent […]

  • Sve barake u Slani bile su ograđene bodljikavom žicom u nekoliko redova


    20. avgusta 2017.

    Ćirilica On August 21. 1941, the Ustasha complex of the Gospic-Jadovno-Pag death camps, which was the forerunner of the notorious Jasenovac concentration camp, was closed, the Jadovno Association Banjaluka reminds. “Only about 2,000 survivors arrived in Jasenovac on August 21, […]

  • Milos Kovic

    Milos Kovic: The future belongs to those who do not surrender

    2. juna 2017.

    Compared to our ancestors, we are really distinguished by cowardice, fatalistic passivity and laziness. All this, however, can change quickly. Srpski An interview with Milos Kovic, historian, Assistant professor at the Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Serbia, […]

  • Konferencija „Pravni poredak Nezavisne Države Hrvatske“

    Legal Order of the Independent State of Croatia Conference Held in Belgrade

    10. aprila 2017.

    Srpski The Legal Order of the Independent State of Croatia Conference was held on Thursday, 30 March, 2017, at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, where lecturers of this faculty presented their papers on the topic of the elements […]

  • Sadašnji spomenik na Starom sajmištu na mestu nekadašnjeg logora u Beogradu. Foto: Wikimedia/Pinki.

    Serbian Draft Holocaust Legislation Sparks Criticism

    2. marta 2017.

    Srpski A leaked draft of legislation on setting up a new state body to commemorate Holocaust victims in Serbia has been criticised for allegedly glossing over the role played by Belgrade’s Nazi-allied WWII administration. A leaked draft of proposed new […]

  • Anna Frank. Foto: Wikimedia Commons/Nepoznati fotograf/Kuća Anne Frank Amsterdam.

    Croatian School Removes Anne Frank Exhibition

    21. januara 2017.

    Ćirilica An exhibition on Anne Frank was removed from a school in the town of Sibenik over claims the Croatian WWII fascist Ustasa fighters were depicted as villains and anti-fascist Partisans as innocents. A travelling exhibition about Holocaust victim and […]

  • Pozivnica za izložbu

    Invitation for Exhibition Opening in London

    18. januara 2017.

    Ćirilica The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in London and the Association ‘Ognjena Marija Livanjska from Belgrade are organizing an exhibition at the grounds of the Embassy. The exhibition, whose authors are prof. Veljko Djurić Mišina and Mr Radovan […]

  • JHMF Official Reaction regarding comments made by High Representative Valentin Inzko

    13. januara 2017.

    Dragana Tomasevic writes to Boris Johnson and Austrian authorities – Bosnia’s dangerously ignorant High Representative must go januar 11, 2017. Austrian diplomat and High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina causes shock and dismay among Serbs as he compares Republika Srpska […]

  • It ain’t about the chocolate bars, Auntie Beeb

    23. decembra 2016.

    Beeb reports a half-story on breakdown in Serbia-Croatia relations. It’s not quite fake news. Neither is it the full news. A BBC report says that that Serbian prime minister Vucic has cut short his visit to Brussels in protest. He […]

  • Sarajevo


    25. oktobra 2015.

    Ćirilica President of the Republika Srpska Association of Prison Camp Detainees, Branislav Dukic, has said that everything that happened in the last war shows that there is neither coexistence nor reconciliation in the so-called multi-ethnic Sarajevo. “Even nowadays, there is […]

  • Branimir Glavaš (Agencije)


    15. oktobra 2015.

    Ćirilica A convicted war criminal, who performs xenophobic shows in the Croatian public and openly flirts with the Ustashe movement and fascism, is constantly appearing on the front pages of the media, and no one sees anything controversial in it. […]

  • london-exhibition14.jpg

    Rory Yeomans guest of “Jadovno 1941.” association

    22. septembra 2015.

    Ćirilica  Rory Yeomans Yeomans is using the association’s archive, working on his new book about the terror in the Independent State of Croatia Rory Yeomans, British historian, has spent the past ten days in Banja Luka ( Rory Yeomans). On […]

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Pomozite rad udruženja Jadovno 1941.

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