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On August 21. 1941, the Ustasha complex of the Gospic-Jadovno-Pag death camps, which was the forerunner of the notorious Jasenovac concentration camp, was closed, the Jadovno Association Banjaluka reminds.

„Only about 2,000 survivors arrived in Jasenovac on August 21, 1941 through Jastrebarsko,“ the association head, Dusan Bastasic.

Bastasic recalls that the detainees arrived at the Jasenovac railway station at 7 AM, where the Ustahas from Lika handed them over to the criminals from the 17th Ustasha Company.

„One hour upon their arrival, and after frisking and interrogating them, the detainees were forced out of the wagons, sorted two by two, tied with a wire and taken towards the camp five kilometers away from the railway station,“ said Bastasic.

He has said that one of the survivors testified that they had to run and that those who could not stand the pace were beaten.

The Gospic-Jadovno-Pag complex of concentration camps, also known as the Gospic group of concentration camps, was the first organized liquidation complex of Ustashi camps intended for the destruction of Serbs and Jews in the then NDH.

According to the data collected so far, which were not final, 40,123 people, mainly Serbs, were killed in the most brutal manner in the complex of the Jadovno death camps.


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