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SUBNOR: Close “Poglavnik”!

Scandalous! … Souvenirs from the Café “Poglavnik”


ŠIROKI BRIJEG – The Union of Associations of People’s Liberation War Veterans (SUBNOR) of Bosnia and Herzegovina asked the authorities to close a café in Široki Brijeg and penalize its owner, because for years the café has been carrying the name of the Ustasha villain and Poglavnik of the so-called Independent State of Croatia, Ante Pavelić!

Stressing that it is scandalous that in a country trying to become a full member of the European Union exists a business in which there is public propagation of fascism and the image and work of the certified war criminal, member of the SUBNOR of BH Omer Maslo says for Press RS that he expects urgent reaction from the competent institutions and the most severe punishment for the owner of this disgraceful café.

“The public has been familiar for a long time that in the centre of Široki Brijeg for years there has been the café “Poglavnik” with a picture of Ante Pavelić at its entrance. Although it is well known who is the owner of that café and that this person has also been producing wine carrying the “title” of this Ustasha villain, it is unbelievable that the authorities have not done anything to close this café of shame and make its owner answer for the crimes of spreading religious and ethnic hatred” – says bitter Maslo.

He added that this incredible example from Široki Brijeg is the best evidence that it is necessary to adopt a low which would ban the propagation of fascist ideologies and symbols in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Yesterday Press RS tried to get in touch with the owner of the “Poglavnik” café, Božo Pinjuh to find out why he named the café over the Ustasha leader, but he did not answer the numerous telephone calls.

Source: PRESS – Republika Srpska, January 12, 2011


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