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Rade Gavrilović

He was born on 10 May 1933 in the village of Kadin Jelovac, Dubica County. He testifies: My parents were farmers. Our household was consisted of: father Teodor, mother Milka, both born in 1888; sister

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Dobrila Kukolj

Banja Luka She testifies: I was born in one of the most beautiful villages, which is located on the Sava River bank. The name of that village is Međeđa. It belongs to the municipality of

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Anđeli u paklu

Dušan Bursać: ANGELS IN HELL

Srpski Autor: Dušan Bursać Published by: Association of World War II former concentration camp Prisoners and their descendants RS, Banja luka 2006 Tracing for the real and not conspicuous title for this book I faced

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THE WITNESSES OF HELL t came the end of silence about the sufferings of the Serbs. In the context of changed historical circum stances and in accordance with the direction of new winds, many truths,

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Regardless the possible reactions on this book, the author ascertains a tragic fact that the “brothers“ Croatians caused the greatest evils to the Serns in their whole history. The Croats surpassed the other Serbian enemies

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The testimonies of the children, who are over sixties now and were forcefully driven away to the Croatian concentration camps, are telling that the Croatian concentration camps were not any kind of working camps (some

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There were both tendency and practice for some of the Serbian children to be raised in the Croatian spirit and put on the Croatian military uniforms that were being sewn for them. The children’s camps

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Because of the orientation about the approximate number of the victims of the Jasenovac concentration camp of death, we are also adding this survey of datae of the official commissions and other authoritative persons that

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Tracing for the real and not conspicuous title for this book I faced a few problems, because I’ve been told that the title of my published book “Croatian genocide over the Serbs“, that happened in

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Gojko Knežević

He was born on 22 December 1934 in the village of Ušivac, Knežica – Kozarska Dubica County. Now, Gojko lives in Banja Luka. He testifies: I remember a village Kozara house in which I was

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Miloš Ćirić

He was born on 9 April 1937 in the village of Gornji Podgradci, Bosanska Gradiška. He writes: I remember the distant 1942, when the Germans bombed the mountain of Kozara and the villages under the

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Invitation to donors

Invitation to donors to support the organisation of the International “Jadovno 1941” Conference Ćirilica | English Dear Sirs, I address you on behalf of the Association of Descendants and Supporters of the Complex of Ustasha Camps

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SUBNOR: Close “Poglavnik”!

Ćirilica ŠIROKI BRIJEG – The Union of Associations of People’s Liberation War Veterans (SUBNOR) of Bosnia and Herzegovina asked the authorities to close a café in Široki Brijeg and penalize its owner, because for years

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Atlas Pokolja