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Archives of genocide committed over the Serbian people during the Independent State of Croatia

Arhiv genocida počinjenog nad srpskim narodom u vrijeme postojanja Nezavisne Države HrvatskeĆirilica  / Russkiй / Italiano  / Deutsche

Since it was founded, the Association of Citizens Jadovno 1941 has been aware of the importance of research work as a contribution to culture of memory of the victims of genocide in the Independent State of Croatia. Inadequate systematic approach to this topic impelled us to take a series of endeavours aimed at creating a basis for quality scientific and expert approach to the topic of the suffering of our compatriots.

A historical source, a basic category of every research provides us with width and comprehensiveness of approach while observing historical processes. Due to the fact that there are no expert institutions in Republika Srpska that have specialised in collecting original documents from the time of the NDH, as well as in preserving and presenting them, our association, in cooperation with students of the History Department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Banja Luka, is starting a pioneering endeavour of collecting and digitalizing first-rate historical materials relating to genocide committed in this region during the Second World War.

Contemporary information technology gives us important capabilities in the process of digitalizing, preserving and presenting the materials. Using a custom built software, we are provided with a tool for digital archiving and detailed search which in turn provides a quick and quality access to the archive materials. The possibility to access any documents in our digital database within several seconds is the best example how the work of researchers is going to be easier. On-line access is going to be enabled to the complete database, which already contains several thousand case files.

Specijalizovani arhivski softver | Specijalizovani arhivski softver

The materials in our archives, besides their digital version also have hard copies, stored according to archiving principles. The materials are very varied for the time period that we cover.

Our specialized library fund has over 1200 titles, mostly connected with the genocide theme, but also to centuries-long historical processes on our territories.

The possibility to access any document in our digital database within several seconds makes the work of our researchers easier.

We are aware that without expert and responsible work on collecting, preserving and presenting historical material there is no answer to the imposed oblivion and inaction lasting for decades in the field of research, presentation and internationalization of the suffering of our ancestors and compatriots. For that reason, our associations engaged all its resources in the realization of this project.

We are fully aware our limits in terms of funds, but at the same time we are proud of the enthusiasm that volunteers working on this project have.

We expect support from the institutions of Republika Srpska, Republic of Serbia, our Diaspora and all those who understand the need to establish the Archives of Genocide committed over the Serbian people during the Independent State of Croatia.

We invite all of you who have documents, photographs, videos, items, etc. from the time of the Independent State of Croatia, to email us on:  udruzenje@jadovno.com or call us on: +387 51 333 509 .


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