Od 24. Juna 1941, Dana sjećanja na Jadovno, prošlo je:


  • Kosti brutalno pobijenih prekrivene šljunkom i peskom u uvali na Pagu

    Bura pod Velebitom

    11. jula 2010.

    Postoji jedan dugačak otok pod Velebitom. Najduži na Jadranu. Bijel i gol po brdima, ozelenio vinogradima u uskom pojasu pri moru. Strepi samo pred burama. I to ne onim zimskim. Na njih je navikao pokoran redovnom godišnjem zlu. Mada ga […]

  • 01-01.jpg

    Predgovor u knjizi Haron i sudbine autora Ante Zemljara

    11. jula 2010.

    Sadržaj i teme knjige »HARON I SUDBINE« spadaju u povijesnu literaturu o Drugom svjetskom ratu koga su potakle nacionalističko-fašističke ideje u čijim osnovama dominira uz oslobađanje svoga i porobljavanje drugih naroda, genocid te otuđivanje posjeda i imovine. Obrađujući logor na […]

  • Inscription on the plaque in Slana camp

    11. jula 2010.

    When approaching the Suha beach (Slana camp) on the right and left rise tall cliffs and caves. The people managed to collect some of their scarce money and place a marble plaque on one of those cliffs. Every year next […]

  • 27-01a.jpg

    Paintings on Slana (Mario D’Anna)

    11. jula 2010.

    Mario D’Anna PAINTINGS ON SLANA Mario D’ANNA: WATERCOLOURS Mario D’ANNA, Italian painter, born 1933, living in Como, Italy, discovered SLANA as his inspiration late, but it became fruitful. In 1987 he had an exhibition of his 200 watercolour paintings on […]

  • Poems on Slana (Ante Zemljar)

    11. jula 2010.

    Nameless line Flocks of seagulls disturbed Circle over rocky capes All day Impatiently – Because they see us in columns – Hoping to descend to where we occupied their nests They do not suspect that the dead do not leave […]

  • Questions waiting to be answered

    11. jula 2010.

    Supporting the survey by “Novi list” from Rijeka in 1975, I would certainly like to ask questions that I have been waiting to be answered by someone who wants to help the truth with honest words. Many unclear questions wait […]

  • 25-01a.jpg

    Translation of original Italian documents

    11. jula 2010.

    TO MILITARY HEALTH DIRECTORATE OF V ARMY CORPS SUBJECT: Report on temporary gravesites in our zone The Health Directorate tasked me to examine the temporary gravesites in our zone in order to prevent potential contamination of water and to conduct […]

  • 23-01.jpg

    Original documents of Italian military medical service

    11. jula 2010.

    Searching for more reliable documents on Slana as well as photographs (because those photos that we have suggest there are more of them, even from the execution sites) I went to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Italy. […]

  • Read clearly

    11. jula 2010.

    There is one question to which Canon J. Felicinović answered, although vaguely. If you read “Personal Memories” on page 4 you can read about the arrest of Janko Rausavljević and Lazo Rakić (clerks from Pag) where you can find out […]

  • Reading the order to the ship operator again

    11. jula 2010.

    The date on the order to get “sand”, June 20, 1941 shows us that the coordination between Pag and Zagreb, i.e. between local Ustashas and those in the capital, was excellent. As we said before, the Jews in Zagreb were […]

  • 20-01.jpg

    County War Crimes Commission for Croatian Coast

    11. jula 2010.

    On regular field work in Pag RECORD on interviewing witnesses in the case Slana and Metajna. Made on November 20, 1945 in Pag Present: Dr. Stjepan Petek Recorder: Stjepan Palčić Witness: Duje Bilić, age 36, Roman Catholic, Croat, Manager of […]

  • Going through documents

    11. jula 2010.

    Rijeka Archives and Croatia Archives in Zagreb I wanted to title this section YELLOW LEAVES OF DOCUMENTS, but something led me to name it: golden documents. Both of them would be suitable as I see it. It is difficult to […]

  • emerik_blum_energoinvest.jpg

    The Director of Sarajevo “ENERGOINVEST” witness of Slana

    11. jula 2010.

    One of the distinguished business men is the witness that even deportees from Sarajevo came to Slana. For years he never mentioned that he had gone through the hell of this camp, not even to the people close to him. […]

  • pavao_levkovic.jpg

    Testimony of Zlatko Vajler

    11. jula 2010.

    Zlatko Vajler   While I was collecting testimonies about Slana camp, I rejoiced every time I heard that someone came out of Slana alive. It seemed that not all was black in this deepening pit in the soil of my […]

  • Eyewitness Radomir Vidas

    11. jula 2010.

    Radomir Vidas from Novalja on Pag as a witness gave the following statement in the Pag Town Command in 1945: “In July 1941 I was on my way home for a leave as a Domobran (soldier of the territorial army). […]

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Pomozite rad udruženja Jadovno 1941.

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