Od 24. Juna 1941, Dana sjećanja na Jadovno, prošlo je:


  • My buried hopes

    11. jula 2010.

    It is very strange, among other things, when for example Nada Feureissen says: “From Metajna we went to Slana on trabaccolo cargo ships. After that we boarded a sail ship and after half an hour reached a bay…” (Slana, Suha […]

  • Excerpts from the statement given by witness Nada Feureisen on September 8, 1944 in the office

    11. jula 2010.

    “My name is Nada Feureissen, born in Zagreb, maiden name Cernik-Čavle, married, mother of two, now living in Bari, Via Dante Aligieri 270/III k. On July 9, 1941 in Zagreb I was arrested by the Ustasha security service. At the […]

  • Testimony of Nada Feuereisen

    11. jula 2010.

    After one part of her life, which you can only see in your worst nightmare, and during which she lost her husband and a five-year-old girl, after going through different camp and countless fights that seemed far from reality, the […]

  • Tape recording of a conversation with comrade Josip Balaž, a surviving inmate from Slana camp on the island of Pag

    11. jula 2010.

    The conversation was held in the offices of the Municipal Board of SUBNOR, in Pag, on October 9, 1979. Present were: Nikola Bistričić, President of Pag SUBNOR, Srećko Jeličić, Secretary of Pag SUBNOR, Slavko Maržić, President of Pag UBNOR and […]

  • Testimony and visit to Slana by Josip Balaž – Joža

    11. jula 2010.

    On the following pages we are going to read the testimony of Josip Balaž, Joža, a Hungarian, now retired living in Daruvar. In his written statement from October 9, 1970, which is located in SUBNOR in Pag, comrade Balaž writes […]

  • Doubt everywhere

    11. jula 2010.

    By comparing Ustashas’ confessions, statements from witnesses and other evidence concerning transportation of people from and to Velebit, it seems very clear that Ustashas were asking themselves: where to place these people and where to kill them, on Pag or […]


    Dr. Oto Radan, witness who survived Slana camp

    11. jula 2010.

    While searching for material evidence, not loosing hope that someone has survived the hardship, I heard, through late author Marijan Matković, about an old and remarkable man, and I could see he was remarkable as soon as I laid my […]

  • 07-01.jpg

    A terrible legend of Slana camp is revealed

    11. jula 2010.

    Great efforts reveal the truth I join all people who in autumn 1985 read articles in “Novi list” from Rijeka on SLANA, titled HELL IN A ROCKY DESERT and I thank comrades Boris Ostojić and Mihajlo Sobelovski for finding a […]

  • 06-01.jpg

    Slana and other locations

    11. jula 2010.

    In the middle of the island of Pag there is a long bay which is entered from northeast, from the Mountain Channel, through the “Pag Door” that opens between two capes, St. Nicholas and St. Kristopher (both saints according to […]

  • Crime as programme

    11. jula 2010.

    Event the smallest item in the agreement of this brave group of local Ustashas and outsiders was based on crime. They were aware of lawlessness under which they would arrest people to be brought to Slana; they were aware of […]

  • Mysterious guests

    11. jula 2010.

    The Ustashas established their political camp – Ustasha headquarters – named a camp commander (and in villages they established encampments with commanders), they surrounded him with aides-de-camp, called people to rallies and swore them to Pavelić. The Italian command did […]

  • 03-01.jpg

    Takeover of power

    11. jula 2010.

    In order to find solid data on where, when and how the Pag Ustasha link with the organization of the concentration camp on SLANA started, just as the cunning schemes and scarce words through which these organizers are avoiding confession […]

  • Gale under Velebit

    11. jula 2010.

    There is a long island under Mount Velebit, the longest one in the Adriatic Sea, white and naked over the hills, green across the vineyards in a narrow strip close to the sea. It fears only gales, but not the […]

  • 01-01.jpg


    11. jula 2010.

    The contents and topics of “CHARON AND DESTINIES” are historical literature on the Second World War which was initiated by nationalist and fascist ideas based on domination through liberation of your own people and enslavement of other peoples, through genocide […]

  • DSC00982.jpg

    Dušan Bastašić – I Slana je Jadovno

    2. jula 2010.

    Ćirilica | English Na područje nekadašnjeg ustaškog logora Slana sam prvi put došao 2006. Kao i tada 1941., i onda je na Slani pržilo sunce. Rekao bi naš narod “gori zemlja”. Ovdje nema zemlje, Slana je sami kamen. Jedini život […]

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Pomozite rad udruženja Jadovno 1941.

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