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Dušan J. Bastašić
Dušan J. Bastašić


– The denial of Ustashe crimes and the reduction of the number of victims of the Ustashe in the Jasenovac Concentration Camp constitute a peacetime Storm operation by which Croatia is erasing in an orchestrated manner the centuries of existance of the Serbian people in Croatia, SRNA was told by the president of the Jadovno 1941 Association, Dusan Bastasic.

“At a time when the Croatian people and state are shaken by huge economic problems, focusing on the Serbian problem is obviously welcome,” Bastasic says, commenting on the claims by Croatian historian and Catholic priest Stjepan Razum that Jasenovac “is a Greater Serbia myth, and not a concentration camp in which Serbs, Jews and Roma were killed in WWII.”

According to Bastasic, Croatian neo-historians, who have for years been educated in mostly Jesuit schools, have made great effort to challenge the 40,000 Jadovno and 700,000 Jasenovac victims.

“Now, when it is clear that even these greatly reduced numbers represent a horrible and indelible stain on Croatia and history of the Croatian people, they are trying to challenge that for which they fought and which they tried to make the Croatian people believe,” Bastasic says.

He says the fact that historian Stjepan Razum is not just a priest but head of the Archives, installed there with the blessing of the Catholic Bishop, speaks about the continuation of the anti-Serb actions of the Catholic Church in Croatia.

According to him, it is worrying that historians and officials in Serbia and Republika Srpska are disregarding this new, peacetime Storm in Croatia.

“The problem of Serbs in Croatia, the preservation of their institutions and identity, and also the memorialisation of their sufferings in the 20th century in the territory of the present Croatia, is not the task and concern of the Serbian National Council only. This is the task of the whole Serbian nation,” Bastasic says.

In an interview for the Hrvatski List paper titled “It is time to destroy the Greater Serbia myth of Jasenovac,” Croatian historian and Catholic priest Stjepan Razum challenges the number of those killed, of those whose names are known, stressing that this number has no foundation in reality.

According to him, the Ustashe greeting “for the homeland ready” is a beautiful greeting, a Christian and patriotic one.

Razum doctored on the Medieval church history, and his field of expertise is archives. He is currently head of the Archbishopric Archives in the Croatian State Archives, to which position one is appointed by agreement of the Catholic Church in Croatia.

Izvor: SRNA

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