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The Memorial in Honour of 6 150 Serbs Murdered by Bosnian Muslims and Croats in Stari Brod, Visegrad presented

In Stari Brod near Visegrad, the Memorial Museum was consecrated as well as parastos (an Orthodox Christian memorial service) for the Serb victims of the Bosnian Muslims and Croats, who were allied to Nazi Germany. The suffering of 6,150 Serbs in the Sarajevo-Romanija region and Podrinje on March 42 on the banks of the Drina River is a double crime, as their fate has been silenced for decades.

Author: Grey Carter

Photo: SRNA; edited by Drake Lazarus

Monument to the victims who leapt into the river to avoid rape, torture and murder at the hands of Croat and Bosnian Muslim Nazis; Services are held each year to commemorate the victims.

The memorial plaque dedicated to the victims who were mostly women and children

Metropolitan Chrysostom stressed that any mention of the suffering of Serbian people on the Drina River in Stari Brod had been silenced for 77 years and that a canonization procedure would be initiated this year in order that the victims would be declared holy martyrs.

Today, we are gathered in the name of our innocent victims and our martyrs, here beside us, in the depths of this cold Drina lies the cemetery of the innocent.

It was only Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic who dared to mourn them, but his poem dedicated to the martyrs ”Džerdan od merdžana” (literally “Pearly necklace”), was a forbidden cry.”

In Stari Brod, Visegrad, memorial service was held for more than 6,000 Serbs who were killed by Independent state of Croatia forces,  members of the infamous Black Legion of Jure Francetic. This monstrous murder happened in the spring of 1942.


Srbosjek (Serb cutter)  was a special gloved knife used by the Ustase (Croatian official WWII forces) for the slaughter of prisoners at Jasenovac Concentration Camp in Croatia. Since Croatia was Independent, Jasenovac was not operated by the Germans but by Croats and was among the largest death camps in Europe. Between 700 000 and million mainly Serbs, but also Jews and Roma were held and murdered in Jasenovac

On 22 March 1942. in the Drina canyon, the first refugees from the Sarajevo-Romanija region arrived.  They tried to reach occupied Serbia, fleeing from Croats and their allies Bosnian Muslims.

Croa ustaše i časne sestre

 WW II The Independent  State of Croatia -Rabid nationalism and religious dogmatism were its two main ingredients. During the existence of Croatia as an independent Catholic State, over a million men, women and children, mostly Serbian Orthodox, perished. Many were executed, tortured, died of starvation, buried alive, or were burned to death.
Hundreds were forced to become Catholic. Catholic ‘padres’ ran concentration camps; Catholic priests were officers of the military corps which committed such atrocities.

That’s the period when mass massacres of Serbs started and such situation lasted until 2nd of May when even merciless German command recognizes that Croats were committing the most gruesome and horrible mass crimes. They were disgusted by the atrocities of the Ustashas and issued an order to Francetic to stop the slaughter; incredible and rare, but Germans had saved about 3,000 people from death and it has to be acknowledged.

WWII. – 1942. The Independent State of Croatia, ( NDH ) Decapitated body of a Serbian woman murdered by Croats

Rev Dragan Vukotic noted that it’s time for Serbs to learn the true history, not the politically correct one they were taught by communists about some brotherhood with those who used every occasion to commit genocide and massacres of Serbs.

child-mutilated Croatia WW II
The mutilated body of a Serbian child, Independent State of Croatia, 1942.

“Heroes are the girls and mothers with their children who jumped into the Drina in order to escape the slaughter. They are the real, true heroes who deserve memory eternal of the Serbian people”.

https://youtu.be/WX9CqWKiU_A  – The documentary “Genocide in Yugoslavia –  Children Behind The Wire” tells the story about the genocide of Serbian children in “The Independent State of Croatia” from 1941-1945.

                         The Croatian Catholic nuns  knew no mercy

Jastrebarsko death Camp was a Croatian Nazi camp for Serbian children from one month to fourteen years old, during World War II, located in Jastrebarsko, Croatia. It was open for two months, July 12th – August 26th 1942. The camp was set up specifically for children from the Kozara region, but also from the territory of  Independent State of Croatia which occupied part of Serbia and whole of Bosnia Herzegovina.
Over 3336 Serbian children have passed through the camp,  more than 2 000 children from Kozara.
Katolici masovno ubijanje Srba
1,018 children died in the camp. Ilovara Franjo Francis, a gravedigger who was paid “per piece”, noted that he buried 768 Serbian children in a six week period. About 1,300 prisoners were transported to Jasenovac.

Ubijena žena RIste RAdojičića kojoj su ustaše odsekle dojku
Massacred woman Rista Radojicic. The Croats have cut her breast off.

During World War II, the Croatian Ustasha government, being an ally of Nazi Germany, implemented methods of the genocide of Serbs.

Pavelic Hrvatske časne sestre
Nazi Croatian leader responsible for over a million dead, Ante Pavelic, with his Croatian Roman Catholic nuns.
Serbian children were the only to be kept as prisoners in the concentration camp. 
Roman-Catholic Congregation Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul were the guards in the camp.
serbian-woman-saaaddd Croatia
Raped, tortured and murdered Serbian woman, Independent State of Croatia (NDH), WW II

According to Risto Borovčanin, who survived the terrible crime in the spring of 1942, a major massacre started on 22 March approximately between 16:00 and 17:00 

“From the other side of the Drina riverboats carrying some army in yellow uniforms approached. They asked for Francetic, and when he appeared,  they said that no one should be killed that way, ” Borovcanin recalls.
In the Stari Brod massacre, Borovcanin had lost his uncles, aunts, daughters in law, cousins ​​and cousins.

WW II, The Independent State of Croatia:  Croats smashing the heads of Serbian prisoners

During the wartime spring 1942, in order to avoid rape, torture and mutilation,  over 320 Serbian girls and young women leapt into the deep Drina waters.

The largest and most massive massacres of Serbs in Stari Brod, Croatian army committed during Mladenci (Newlyweds) Orthodox holiday, 22 March 1942.

The Kozara children (Kozara was a Serbian region), prisoners in Croatian camps

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Pomozi rad udruženja Jadovno 1941. uplatom preko PayPal-a:

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