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Membership in the Association, rights and obligations are regulated in chapter V of the Statute.

One can become the member of the Association on the ground of an application form. The application form includes the basic information of a particular member. We expect the completed form to be returned via electronic mail on the following address:

The application form is available in Acrobat PDF format:

Jadovno 1941. Membership Application form
You can copy it and fill it in hand-written, scan it and then send it on our e-mail. You can put it in an envelope and send it on the following address: Udruženje ‘Jadovno 1941’, Kralja Alfonsa XIII 49A, 78000 Banja Luka.

How to fill in the application form electronically with Adobe Reader:

1.    Save the form by right-clicking on My documents folder – Save Link As (Save Target As)
2.    Open the saved file and fill in the gaps in the form. The gaps with red frames are obligatory.
3.    Leave the signature gap empty – you will sign it when you come to the meetings.
4.    Send the folder to us in one of the following ways:
a)    By clicking on ‘Submit form’ in the upper right corner. Follow the steps offered
by Adobe Reader.
b)    Save changes (CTRL-S or File[gt]Save or any other way) and send the file to
our e-mail address:
c)    Send the file directly from Adobe Reader – File[gt]Attach to Email or similar
depending on the program version

In case of any difficulties contact us on: and explain your problem.

Adobe Reader is available for download.

Pomozite rad udruženja Jadovno 1941.

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