Од 24. Јуна 1941, Дана сјећања на Јадовно, прошло је:
Од 24. Јуна 1941, Дана сјећања на Јадовно, прошло је:


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The Association Jadovno 1941 invites all descendants of the people murdered in Jadovno to fill in the QUESTIONNAIRE FOR VICTIMS OF 1941 – 1945 WAR if they have information on their ancestors murdered in the Jadovno complex that they did not find it in this list. If you have found the victim you were looking for in the existing list and wish to add a piece of information,  picture or text about the victim to the name, you can also do it by filling in the QUESTIONNAIRE.

The QUESTIONNAIRE is available in the Acrobat PDF format:

You can send us a filled-in QUESTIONNAIRE by email to:


You can fill in the QUESTIONNAIRE electronically. Please find the instructions below.

You can fill it in by hand, scan it and send to our email address. You can also send it in a letter to: Udruženje “Jadovno 1941”, Kralja Alfonsa XIII 49A, 78000 Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Instructions for electronic filling of the application with Adobe Reader:

  1. Save the QUESTIONNAIRE with right click of your mouse to your documents folder – Save Link As (or Save Target As)
  2. Open the saved file and fill in the fields of the form.
  3. Send us the file on one of the following ways: a. Save changes (Ctrl-S or File-[gt]Save or in some other way) and send the saved file to: udruzenje@jadovno.com.b. Send the file directly from Reader – File -[gt] Attach to Email (or similar, depending on the version).

In case of any difficulties, contact us by email on: udruzenje@jadovno.com and describe your problem.

Preuzmite Adobe Reader Adobe Reader is available for free download.

Помозите рад удружења Јадовно 1941.

Напомена: Изнесени коментари су приватна мишљења аутора и не одржавају ставове УГ Јадовно 1941. Коментари неприкладног садржаја ће бити обрисани вез упозорења.


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