The testimonies of the children, who are over sixties now and were forcefully driven away to the Croatian concentration camps, are telling that the Croatian concentration camps were not any kind of working camps (some Croatian authors want to present them such), and that the Serbian children weren't being saved from them. It can be concluded that those concentration camps were the general places of torture for all those who were brought to the concentration camps by force in order to be tortured in the cruelest way and then killed with the various sharp and hard subject or slaughtered with the knives.

The life of these children was spent in the system that was based on, first of all, on lies where the crimes of the genocide were imputed to the ustashas, who weren't being called their real names which is Clero-Nazists. The word ''ustasha'' feared everybody, and nobody saw the Croatian State and other structures of its power that was included in the genocide behind that word. The term ''ustasha'' presents the term of evil, force and power; the force which could do anything it wanted, and which were accepting its performed evil acts, and nobody else was seen behind these acts. Therefore, these children, the sufferers who miracuously survived, see the all evils which were happening in the Croatian concentration camps of death when they were there and even those misdeeds that happened before their arrival to the camps as the deeds of the one segment of the govrnmental authority which are ''Ustashas''. I guess that this comes from there that so-called Yugoslav Communist authority, that was established through the dictatorship of the Communist Party immediately after the end of the World War II, did everything to lessen the massive participation of the Croatian population in the genocide, and to impute the all performed evil to ''a few Croatian Clero-Nazists'' who came in a few trucks from Italy and the place from Hungary called Janka Pusta. Therefore, the all evils, that were performed over ''our peoples and nations'' were attributed to the Ustashas only, and those misdeeds even do not include the Gypsies and Jews. In that way everything was being done to hide and lessen this trouble, and surely impute it to the occupier and to proclaim the true genocide planners and executors as the occupier's assistants only, and the Ustashas the ones who were only assisting to the occupier as well!

The thing that author noticed especially, while reading the terrifying confessions included in this book, is a fear, insurmountable fear from Ustashas which is still present, even with the adults. That fear is a great one, and they are even afraid to sign their narrations. The reason for that is not a thing that their narrations wouln't be truthful enough, but thought of the fact that that evil can happen again.