Regardless the possible reactions on this book, the author ascertains a tragic fact that the ''brothers'' Croatians caused the greatest evils to the Serns in their whole history. The Croats surpassed the other Serbian enemies together in that:


Turkey, which ruled the Serbian countries almost five centuries after the defeat of the Serbian Army in Kosovo in 1389;


Austria-Hungary, which got the mandate to occupy Bosnia and Herzegovina on Berlin Congress in 1878, and to anexate it in1908. This state performed an aggression on Serbia and Montenegro in 1914, which caused the beginning of the World War I. The Serbs used to have 1.250.000 victims during the aggressive attack. But, that number surpassed the cipher of the victims which the Croats killed in the Independent State of Croatia. The lines of the Austria-Hungarian Army were consisted of the considerable number of Croatian soldiers too, who performed the massive crimes in the occupied Serbia;


Bulgaria, which attacked Serbia for 52 times without the declaration war and did horrible crimes on the occupied territory of Serbia. But, that could not be compared with the genocide crimes the Croats performed;


Germany, which attacked Serbia on 16 April 1941 without the declaration of war too, destroying the building of the National Library, which flame burnt 500.000 books – the whole history and the intellect of the nation. 8000 innocent citizens of Belgrade was killed by the German air attack. Serbia was under German's occupation from 1941 to 1944. Among the other things, the Germans killed a great number of Serbian hostages, which was the special kind crime performed over the civilians. But, those crimes cannot be compared not in slightest with the crimes which the Croats performed over the Serbs. Hungary, Italy, Romania and Albania did a great evils to the Serbs, but that was irrelevant in reference to the evils which the Croats did to the Serbs;


NATO and the United Stated of America, which was permanently bombing Serbia and Montenegro from the aircrafts and ships for 78 days and nights in 1999. They were killing innocent residents and destroying the material goods of Serbian people, only because Serbia wanted to crush the insurrection of its residents – Albanians - on its state territory (Kosovo and Metohia) in accordance with the international law.

Of course, in the back of that aggression was the decision of forceful establishment of the military base on the state territory of Serbia – in Kosovo.

All these aggressors caused huge damages to the Serbian people and, therefore, prevented their social and economic development. But, the Croatian crimes, which they performed over the Serbs, are incomparablly greater.

The Croats are blame-worthy for the unnecessary insurrection of the Serbs in 1941, wich was only the reaction on the Croatian genocide. They are guilty for the direction of the Serbian Liberation Movement against the German and Italian Armies, which held to the international regulations. The aim of the Croats was that Germans and Italians kill as much as possible Serbs in those conflicts, and so that they could be destroying undisterbedly the members of the Serbian people, especially in their concentration camps of death.

A Croat, Josip Broz Tito and his Crotian comrades: Andrija Hebrang, Vladimir Bakarić, Ivan Ribar and others abolished the territorial division of Yugoslavia on prewar regional units (ruled by the ban) and introduced Republics, which created realistic assumptions for the disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1990.

he Croats changed the ethnic and religious picture of B&H inhabitants by means of the massive genocide over the Serbs. Therefore, they made possible the creation of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the postwar Yugoslavia. Actually, it was created separate republic out of the Serbian people divided in three religions.

The Croatian evils, which they performed as the historical events turned on, over the Serbian people could be counted for a long time. The goal of that was the creation of their own state on the Serbian country and on the innocent Serbian blood, as described ahead.


It would be infair if we would ommit the Serbian side in everything. First of all, there was the mistake of the Serbian Liberation Movement, led by Draža Mihajlović in Serbia. When that movement passivized temporary because of the repression, which Germans applied, the prime minister of the war government, general Nedić, suggested to Mihajlovic to transfer his forces from Serbia to the territory of the Independent State of Croatia and prevent (together with the other Serbian forces) the Croats in performing of the genocide there. Mihajlović did not accept the proposal.

The Serbian forces did not have enough professional, political and military cadres on the areas of the Independent State of Croatia and so they were talked to by the Croatian National – Communists to attack the Italians and Germans, which was a fatal mistake. Instead of directing their modest forces (the main military was expelled to the captivity) on the salvation of the Serbian people, they were using their forces in the unnecessary and unuseful war. They should've been saving their people instead.

The Serbian political cadres represented the majority people in Yugoslavia. They submitted to the Croatian National – Communists, led by Josip Broz Tito. They did not undertake any serious measures in the postwar period in the establishment of the approximate number of the Serbian victims. They did not undertake anything either in saving the construction traces of Jasenovac at least – to conserve them. They didn't do anything to arrange the grave surfaces of mass graves in Donja Gradina, which was the part of Jasenovac concentration camp. The reason for that should be asked in communist ideology, which gave primates to the ''working class'' not to a nation. The Communists are of international but not of national orientation. Yet, since the war crimes do not obsolete, these Serbian Communists may be posthumously put on trial for the negligence and hiding of the crime of genocide.

The thing that is the worst of all is that the political and professional leadership of Serbia and Montenegro, which represented a minor Yugoslavia, did not undertake anything after the disentegration of Yugoslavia inurging Republic of Croatia, which is the legal follower of the Independent State of Croatia, to compensate at least those victims whom the authorities of the Independent State of Croatia expelled to Serbian during the World war II, whose whole property, including factories, banks, shops, houses, lands and others, were kept by the authorities of the Independent State of Croatia. This exiled Serbian population counts the hundreds of people.

The National Assembly of Serbia did not establish the state status of the Nazi Independent State of Croatia not more than a half century after. Nothing serious has been done to study the archive material which contains fairly well documentation about the crimes in Croatia, and to inform the world's public about that.

The existing archive is left to ruination and manipulation. In such a way, the Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, signed the agreement on handing over of the documentation of Jasenovac to the Museum of Holocaust in Washington on 27 October 2000, which refused to show the exhibit about Jasenovac commemorative area and returned the material to Republic of Croatia. The compensation right of the Serbian and Gypsy victims should've been proved by that material.

Such act of the Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska has a character of a criminal act. Following the act of the Museum of Holocaust in Washington, a great Museum of Holocaust ''Jad Vašem'' in Jerusalem did not accept the showing of the exibit of Croatian crime in Jasenovac.

We should not wonder to this too much if it is known that the director of the Museum of Yugoslavian history, Ranko Bugarčić, approved and threw out the exhibit ''Jasenovac concentration camp from 1941 to 1945 on 23 May 2000 in the narrowest center in Belgrade (in the exibitory premises of the Museum of the genocide victims done on the Square of Nikola Pasić St. No.: 11).

After six months, the first municipal court in Belgrade refused the charges for the disrupting of the property.

The Jewish organizations managed to get milliards of dollars as the compensation for the Holocaust victims. They are claiming around 18 milliards dollars from Austria now. The Serbian and Gypsy victims of genocide did not get anything. The Jewish concentration camp prisoners from Jasenovac are receiving the compensation from Republic of Croatia, and Serbian and Gypsy nothing. It is understandable, because the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Republic of Srpska, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro did not submit any claim to Republic of Croatia, which could reffer to the World War II genocide victims' compensation.


 (A data, taken from dr. Milan Bulajić book ''Jasenovac in court)


Maybe, the reason for such attitude toward the victims of the Serbian people in Croatia should be asked in the secret agreements between the Croatian and Serbian President Franjo Tuđman and Slobodan Milosević. A text, published in the magazine ''Ekspres'' on 11 and 12 January 2003 under a title ''Storm'' agreed in Belgrade'', was indicating something about that. Here it is the text:

''Though the Serbs expelled from Croatia had always claimed that the operations ''Flash'' and ''Storm'' were agreed, beside the major powers, with the officials from Belgrade, actually with Slobodan Milosević, it started to be talked in Croatia in last few months about ''the most successiful action in the history of the state'' in different way.

It could be found out from the unofficial sources that Franjo Tuđman spent almost two milliards dollars at one time on lobbying and emptied the state cash register temporary in order to get the blessing for the ''cleaning'' of Croatia from the ones who were deciding righeously in the world's politics, but from Slobodan Milosević, too. Croatia stayed temporary without state foreign exchange reserves, and the greater part of the cake belonged to Slobodan Milosević, because Tuđman considered that lobbists should be paid.

The diplomats of the countries who were deciding what was righteous in the world's politics confirmed that the good part of the foreign currencies, that Tuđman took breaking into the state cash register, really finished with Milosević.

Nobody how much state money the lobbists spent. However, Ivan Zvonimir Čičak, former president of the Helsinki Board, says that there are no prooofs for this financial transaction, but he confirmed for the magazine ''Ekspres'' that the ''Storm'' was agreed in Belgrade, and that he has been told that by Hrvoje Šarinić, the ex chief of Tuđman's cabinet.

Šarinić had been in Belgrade two days before the ''Storm'', when he agreed all the details with Slobodan Milosević – says Čičak.

There are no doubts that Slobodan Milosević was known with the plans of the Croatian ''military – police action'', known as ''Storm''. Though, Hrvoje Šarinić, a long – term chief of Tuđman's cabinet, does not state clearly in his book of notes ''The all secret conversations of mine with Slobodan Milosević that he had visited Milosević (by Tuđman's directive) on 1 August 1995, four days before the ''Storm''. On that occasion, he was known with the Croatian plans of ''liberation of Kninska Krajina'' in detail. Many details are telling about that assertion. Namely, Milosević met with Šarinić secretly seven days after the ''Storm''. Šarinić wrote about that in the hid diary: ''I arrived at Surcin airport on 12 August 1995 around 2:30 P.M. I was welcomed by Goran Milinović, who informed me that the meeting was about to ne held in the mountains of Homoljske in Milosević summer house. I spoke with Milosevic in confidence, as usual, but he did not mention the ''Storm'' at all ...''.

Judging by all the facts, Milosević did not know for the previous ''military – police action'', encoded as the ''Flash''. Šarinić was with Milosević in Belgrade three days after the operation, but they did not discussed about that. Slobo, being furious, called Šarinić the following day, saying: ''Hrvoje, what is this? In what did we spend hours and hours of conversation?''

When the preparations for the ''Storm'' started two months after, Tuđman decided to calm down his friend Milosević, sending Sarinic to explain the next ''military – police action'' to Milosević. As alleged, Milosević did not have any serios reprimands, beside the fact that he insisted on ''less number of victims'', if it was possible at all.

General Martin Špegelj, Tuđman's Defense Minister at one time, claims also that Milosević and Tuđman were in close contacts during the all the war time, and that nothing had been undertaken without the previous agreement of the ''war friends'', who met secretly many times in Karađorđevo, Tikveš and Dobanovci... The destiny of the people was being made during the eating of the hot pork and roe deer goulash.

Šarinić met again with Milosević secretly on 20 September 1995 on Dedinje. The past was summarized, the future was consolidated, and than Milosević said: ''I promise you the greatest Serbian medal when all this finishes...''

 (The text was signed by Ljiljana Avdić – Korolija and Davor Soha)


A volumnious dictionary ''A great lexicon of foreign words and expressions'', which was composed by Radomir Jovanović and his group of collaborators and published in 2006, in the entry of ''concentration camp'', on 691 page, says:

'' a place where the civilian prisonersand troops, which crossed to some neutral ground, are interned; the collection point of political opponents during the peace and the war foreign policy tension; the founding of the concentration camps, in the contemporary sense, started at the end of XIX century; the peak of that practice in the worst form we had during the World War II, where fascists systematiaclly eliminated millions of people because their main goal was to change the demographic structure of certain areas (beside the great concentration camps in Germany: Dahau, Revensbrik and Bihenvald, the other surrounding countries wre included in getting rid of the unwanted residents: Aushvitc in Polland, Terezin in Check Republic, Nacvajld in France, Jasenovac in Yugoslavia...''

It could be said that this is inaccurate and raging formulation, which should be put aside. But, the thing that confuses is that the authors of this scientific and professional book either don't know or don't want to know that Jasenovac concentration camp is geographically located on the territory of Croatia. The fact that Croatia was Yugoslav federal unit once does not mean that Jasenovac concentration camp was a Yugoslavian destination too. It is obvious that they wanted to dirty Yugoslavia to which Jasenovac concentration camp of death does not belong regardless its faults. Then, why we should wonder to Serbian gonernments, and especially to Slobodan Milosevic, who was and stayed, as he used to call imself, ''a communist by belief''?

No matter how much the Serbian Orthodox church tried to protect the Serbian national being throughtout the tumultuous Serbian history, it was being mistaken in its main assumption. Namely, there was the the opinion and still is that a Serb can belong to the Orthodox church only. All the Serbs who changed their religion out of different historical circumstances, it erased out of the Serbian people, wich was totally wrong, the sooner because the nation is primary and a religion can be a matter of choice of an individual. In that way, not only the Serbian Orthodox church but the Serbian people too lost more than a half of the population in B&H, first of all the one that converted to the Catholic and Islam religions.

The big mistake not only the Serbian Orthodox church but the Serbian state too is the rejection of Bunjevci and Šokci, as the members of the Serbian people, who live in a great number on the territory of Republic of Serbia too. The reason for rejection is because they once converted to the Catholics. It would be wrong to consider then as the Croats, where they do not belong historically.

It is urgently necessary that the Serbian Orthodox church changes its attitude toward the Serbs of other religion, and that the Serbian states work gravely on the concord and unity of the whole Serbian people regardless their religion belonging in these times when the birthrate is seriously falling down.